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  • Increase your students' engagement
  • People are encouraged to blog about their experiences and post to social media

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Break down your content into a set of simple activities

  • meLearning makes it easy to distill your ideas in a format people can apply every day
  • A course is a set of activities that can be followed and modified by each participant
  • People tailor your activities for themselves with your guidance.

Support and Encourage

  • You can encourage and respond as you see fit or simply let people interact with one another
  • All students can blog and encourage one another
  • Answer questions in the Blogs section of your course

Monitor and Follow

You can monitor the activities of all your followers
  • See how students are applying and modifying your ideas for their situations over time
  • See where students are struggling or wanting more information or depth. It could help you improve your course
  • Have a place where people share their experiences with your course and gain insight from it

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