Educators: Create and Share a Plan

Are you an author, trainer, workshop giver, helper, paradigm shifter or someone with a method to share? Would you like to have software and marketing support for your work?

How does it all Work?

The best way to understand the application is by using it. Try it now! But here are the basics of how it works.

Everyone has a plan. It's comprised of activities. The activities could be from a course, or you created them, or copied them from someone else. meLearning gives you the ability to modify any activity within courses to suit your needs and interests, so you stay focused and benefit from a community-based learning environment.

Activities are either:

  • Reactive: In reaction to something external or internal. For example: Journaling when I feel angry
  • Frequency: Do something a few times in a given time period. For example Run 3 times per week, or do a new activity of A Course In Miracles each day.
  • One time: If it's something to do once and you're done. For example "Create a meal plan" in a weight loss course.
  • Other: Anything that doesn't fall into one of the previous.

The activities are linked to their source, so when you blog about them, others with the same activity can see the entries and interact with you. You can mark any activity as done once (for example in your running program each time you run), and then see how you do over time with your commitment to that activity. When you create a blog entry you can check "could use some help" and others will see that and can give you advice or encouragement.

That's pretty much it. You keep doing your activities, modifying them, join courses you'd like to follow, and find like minded people to support and interact with.

Create a course, follow courses, or just
create your plan from scratch!